When my grandmother ran out of money (after about
by rick (2013-07-24 10:25:46)
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two years of paying), Illinois public aid picked up the tab. She stayed in the same nursing home. We didn't use a consultant. I got the forms from public aid, spent a couple of days going through a few years of her checkbook to get the info for the application, made a couple of trips to the public aid office, and got approval.
It was more tedious than anything. It's frustrating to traipse downtown to the public aid office and have them tell you to get more information. I kept my cool, said a bunch of "yes ma'am's," and got them the information.
We had a couple of things in our favor. First, the family did not take any money out of her accounts for ourselves. If you do, within a certain time, you have to pay it back. Also, when she went into the nursing home, we prepaid her burial. Had we not done that, we would have had to pay that ourselves.


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