HR and/or employment attorney's: (help please)
by Irish72 (2013-07-24 09:07:19)
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I work at a Community health care clinic, as a dentist, in the Quad Cities. Due to Illinois cutting medicaid for adult dental care our clinic is in serious financial problems such as labs and supply houses cutting off credit. I have been caught up in the reduction in force of 30% of the clinical staff of dentists, hygienists, and assistants. According to the policy manual a severance may be made but is not mandatory.

My question is how do I "request" a severance? I have been there 5 years. Should I just type up a request to HR or should I have an attorney make a formal request? Is one week's pay per year of service average? Two weeks?

Thank you in advance. I appreciate any advice.

PS Hookers and blow already happened in admin so probably not a good option at this time.


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