I got pulled over by MI State Troopers for my 02IRISH plate
by ndgenius (2013-07-24 08:58:06)
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  In reply to: ND License Plate Cover  posted by Vivaflanner

It was around midnight in my town and I was going probably 8-10mph over the limit but there were no cars on the road. I was actually racing to Wendy's before it closed (i know, pathetic) and the guy came up to the car asked for lic/reg and said, what's your license plate mean? I said I went to school there and it's my graduation year. The trooper than literally yells back to the girl in the car "he went to school there". He went back to the car for a minute or two and didn't even walk the lic/reg back...he pulled his car up within an inch of mine, handed me the stuff through the windows and said have a good night.


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