I remember bringing this up at the 2005 reunion
by NDHouston (2013-07-24 02:14:48)
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  In reply to: Great article on the death of "Big Law."  posted by milhouse

There was one of those forums about career development or some such in Washington Hall, where a few ND grad titans of industry discussed the future of various fields - I remember one was trucking (transport), I forget the other, but one was definitely law.

Towards the end of the discussion I asked a question from the audience about the changes rippling through the computer hardware engineering world, which had been destroyed by many of the same greedy forces that the article cites here. But in some ways that was always the case, with companies like Sperry, Wang, Burroughs, Digital, etc all living and dying. But the difference this time was that all of the lower-end jobs were moving to India and China because technology improvements allowed that wage competition and arbitrage to occur. Basically the industry cut of its oxygen supply by taking entry level jobs out of the country. Stupid move for the future, but who cares about that, right?

I asked the titan of Law if he was worried that the same trends might work against upcoming lawyers and accountants. His answer was simply "Nah". So I feel for the folks caught in the middle of this giant transition because they obviously never saw it coming. The top end guys probably did fine, but the people behind them had a much different career path than they envisioned.



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