My brother is in law school.
by dentonfreeman (2013-07-23 18:54:02)
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  In reply to: Bingo. The fact that lawyers chose a profession  posted by goirish89

He knows it's a shitty time for law school grads. I guess he thinks he'll be the exception to the rule. I imagine most people think that. My mom refuses to acknowledge that new law school grads are struggling to get jobs and pay off their debt. She tells me "oh he'll be fine, that's all overblown".

I got into Fordham law and was talked out of actually attending by my cousin who recently graduated from Moritz College of Law at Ohio State. I'm now working on my MBA. Considering I'll leave school with no where near the level of debt and what looks like better job prospects I'm happy with the decision. Plus my current employer is footing part of the bill.


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