Just hired 20 doc review attorneys, the resumes are stellar.
by The Beef (2013-07-23 17:55:25)
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  In reply to: And then when you're laid off  posted by captaineclectic

It was actually a month ago. Within 3 days, I was able to find 20 attorneys with multiple years experience at BigLaw firms, degrees from top-tier schools, and extensive doc review experience. I have multiple grads from Stanford, Northwestern, Berkeley, and (ugh!) Michigan. While some are mothers who like the flexible hours, many now consider themselves "professional" doc reviewers. I'm paying a premium at $30 per hour as most doc reviewers in Chicago are getting $25 to $27 per hour.

Unless they are supplementing their income with outside representation, (which some do) $50K to $60K per year is difficult to live on when you have a $1K+ student loan payment each month.


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