I taught the probation class this spring
by jddomer (2013-07-23 17:37:37)
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  In reply to: Bingo. The fact that lawyers chose a profession  posted by goirish89

I am astounded at the lack of reasoning skills by some students. 6 were expelled for academic reasons, and they are ALL appealing. None of them have what I would call extraordinary circumstances (serious medical issues, death in the family, etc). They all feel like they are owed yet another chance. At 40K per year tuition. Which they are mostly borrowing. When I tell them that the statistics show their chance of passing the bar with less than a 2.5 GPA is about 15%, they say "but I know I can do it." Apparently, the F in Civil Procedure wasn't convincing. When I question why they want to be a lawyer, it's always something like "I have always wanted to be a lawyer/I want to help people/I was a poli sci major." None of these students should be lawyers. They really have no clue what lawyers do. They might make it through, but they will probably never pass the bar.

And sadly, another 220 have deposited for this fall. I am very scared for these students, as I have seen the stats on their LSAT/GPA's. I seriously question the wisdom/ethics of taking money from some of them. But, I, too, have to pay my student loans back, so I can't quit in protest. Besides, it would do no good. So I will do my best to help those that can be helped, and pray for the rest.


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