because that 50K per year job probably didn't need 3 years
by jddomer (2013-07-23 16:57:59)
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  In reply to: I think the point is that job security in pretty much any  posted by gozer

of extra school and another 150K in debt. Although, these days, that 150K in debt for the majority of law students is only getting them a 50K per year job. Law school is no longer the quick way to be upwardly mobile that it was just 10 years ago. Now, unless you are going to a top school, have a full ride, or mommy and daddy are paying, going to law school is not a smart move.

Sadly, many are still buying that dream.

*you don't have to feel sorry for them, but it is still a kick in the ass, and all that student loan debt floating around out there without the salaries to support it are going to come back to bite all of us in one way or another.


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