I guess I don't understand the question.
by captaineclectic (2013-07-23 16:40:13)
Edited on 2013-07-23 16:41:35
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  In reply to: Which is different from any other job? *  posted by ndroman21

If the point is that rich privileged lawyers deserve to be unemployed and poor, then I guess I just don't agree.

If the point is that who cares if they're unemployed, because for awhile they made a lot of money so they should have plenty in savings, well, I can tell you there's a little truth to that. But that doesn't mean losing a job is a picnic.

If the point is that there is no problem, and people should keep taking out hundreds of thousands of dollars in non-dischargable loans to work in a collapsing industry, because if they do get a job with no stability it'll pay well for a short time, well, I disagree again.

If the point is "let's tee off on lawyers," proceed, but don't expect me to enjoy it.


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