There is a lot of excellent advice already in this thread
by atlpns (2013-07-23 12:02:41)
Edited on 2013-07-23 12:06:17
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  In reply to: Need some very broad business advice. (Long)  posted by Papa November

You are growing pretty darn fast as it is and you seem to have a great upside even from here.
My recommendation is not to partner. Take your time and things will fall in place, they already are. Build the foundation just as you want it to be, and that may/will change as you move along. Having a partner who has different ideas will really put sand in the gears if you want to change directions.

You are doing just fine. This is your practice, build it to suit yourself and you will be much happier 1,2,5,10 years from now.

You will be the leader in your universe and you will have no problems finding just the right mix of support/referral people. They will be coming to you hoping to join your team.

Proud of your success so far, keep it up!


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