I painted my two story foyer and landing Saturday.
by Rudy36 (2013-07-23 10:51:30)
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  In reply to: It takes me longer to tape off a room than it does  posted by bengalbout

Only used about ten feet of painters tape near the carpet and along one junction of two doorways.

Took me about 7 hours total.

Free-hand cutting with a 2.5" angled brush 20+ feet off the ground.

Completely renovating 3 houses will teach you things you never thought you'd learn.

Saved over a grand. Drank six beers. Pretty nice little Saturday.

I'm weird in that I find cutting and rolling a room very relaxing. I have about 200 different little things running through my head everyday so when I am forced to focus on drawing a straight line with a trim brush I forget about everything else and just relax. It's cheaper than therapy.


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