get the referrals without taking on partners
by jt (2013-07-23 10:37:20)
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  In reply to: Need some very broad business advice. (Long)  posted by Papa November

learn how to network better. Get referrals from many different sources as opposed to just one, two, or three people. What value proposition do you provide? Learn how to sell that to people that can provide you with referrals. Grow slowly and don't expand until 3-6 months after you think you're ready to expand (shit almost always falls through in some way, shape or form and it is harder for you to take cover in those situations when you're just getting started). Build a fiercely loyal client base that you have the primary relationship with prior to bringing on new people to outsource business to; make sure to have non-competes signed by people that you're bringing on board (in CO you can't completely prohibit someone but you can attach monetary compensation if someone leaves and tries to take clients).

If you are going to take on partners have proper paperwork drawn up outlining expectations, roles, what happens if x/y/z happens, etc. There's a whole bunch of other stuff that I am sure others will chime in with but I lack time right now.

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