I've learned that ANY home project takes 3 to 4 times longer
by NDFlyer (2013-07-23 07:29:22)
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than I expect when I first look at it. For example, we have an A/C unit in the attic. I noticed water in the basement, which is the drain from the condensate pan. I went upstairs to check out the unit and found the condensate drain line was blocked and water was running out of the unit into the pan to the basement. Easy fix - just shove a hangar into the drain line to unstop it. I broke the line. Went to the hardware store to buy the fittings and bought the wrong threaded fitting. Second trip got it right. 3 hours later, it was done.

I agree on painting - the painters do it faster than I can. I am relegated to weeding and preparing for tailgate parties.


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